Charlie Parry

I heard about White Collar Boxing London through a couple of colleagues from work who had taken part in a couple of the shows and they couldn’t speak highly enough about the event. With this feeling of machoism rubbing off on me, I agreed in a mildly hungover state to take part in the event, which when sobriety kicked in later in the morning seemed like a relatively bold decision. However, it turned out to be one of the best decisions that I’ve made in a long time! In the 10 week programme running up to fight night, you’re fully briefed on what is expected of you, the fight night itself, and all of the training and nutritional advice which will help you supplement the training. The training itself was one of the most enjoyable (aside from the Bleep test, and monkey squats!) things I’ve taken part in. circuit training, sprints, technique and sparring sessions, soon had me feeling like I was borrowing someone else’s lungs and could take on (unsuccessfully) Floyd Mayweather Jr, and it was a pretty pleasant feeling. Gone were the days of wheezing up tube escalators, and shivering at the thought of the treadmill. Knowing that you’ll be stood across the ring from a complete stranger in 10 weeks, with all of your friends cheering/jeering you on, is a real motivator, and one of the things which I enjoyed so much over the course of the 10 weeks. It gives you a real focus to the training, and really does take your training  up a level. It even makes you question those midweek takeaways! Fight night itself was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. The preparation, warm ups and watching the fights before are just the start. Hearing your own ring music, and walking out to a packed out room of 600 people cheering is a feeling which is difficult to describe. With 80 friends cheering you on like madmen, it makes the 3 rounds pass by in a blur. Punches don’t hurt, and lactic acid is that little bit less painful, but the feeling of embracing your opponent at the end of 3 hard rounds and seeing your friends cheering and chanting out your name is just an incredible feeling. It’s not about the winning or losing (though I won so I can feel smug in saying this), but completely about the experience, and it’s one that I could not recommend highly enough. Scott and the WCBL team run a great show, and build a real family spirit in the run up to the fight, which only adds to the occasion. No fighting experience is needed, just a willingness to get beasted, learn at training and most of all enjoy the experience. I loved every second of it, and would highly recommend it to absolutely anybody.

Mide Dedegbe, Project Manager - Goldman Sachs

I took part in the last WCBL show. It was just an amazing experience from start to finish. From day 1, Scott and his team of trainers made me feel comfortable. The training sessions were adapted to everyone fitness level and suited to everyone’s ability. What really stood out for me was the friendly atmosphere in the training camp… all contestants kept pushing each other to reach new limits and were exchanging tips and techniques. I have always been involved in sports and been quite active but in the last few years my career has not allowed me to keep up this active lifestyle. training for this event was the perfect format as training sessions were flexible around my working hours and all located in the city.

I was never much of a fighter and never looked to get involved in fights… so at first i was not too sure about this boxing thing. throughout my 10 week journey I learned that boxing is an art and it is all about respect and skills.

The fight night itself was just a pure buzz. From the preparation in the dressing room to walking into the ring… seeing all my friends and family cheering and having fun. It was really a night to remember. All this goes down to Scott’s organisational skills, professionalism and attention to details. Having been to some other events… I can honestly say that White Collar Boxing London is really on another level – by far the best. This whole experience immensely improved my confidence level. I am fitter, feel great and my friends, family and work colleagues have all noticed the positive change. I recommend this to anyone, I am definitely doing this again!

Phil Apaya, IT Trainer

As a massive fan of boxing since i was about 10 years old i always wondered if i could do it myself. Id often day dream about stepping through the ropes in front of a raring crowd and giving it my all. I couldn’t quite find the nerve to do it and would dismiss the idea thinking i was too old. I joined a local boxing club to get a feel for it,and i start training simply to get fit and learn a little technique. I began to train more and more my confidence began to increase. I then started researching white collar boxing events, and watching white collar fights online. I emailed several organisations and Scott Borthwick immediately gave me the most detailed answers to my questions. I watched his shows online and researched further and it was obvious his events stood out from the rest. I decided to give it a go.

I entered the gym for the first time really nervous. Was everyone else accomplished skillful fighters? Were they all going to be intimidating big and scary heavyweights? i needn’t have worried , immediately Scott calmed us all down and put us on a very well structured program that started from the basics and slowly progressed each week. After the very first session all my fears were gone. I was going to enjoy the journey.

After closely being observed over the weeks i was then matched up with an opponent!!!. The nerves kicked in again and i began to doubt myself. Its suddenly became “real”. Telling friends and family i was fighting made me proud and petrified all at the same time. I followed Scott’s training regime very closely and all his dietary advice ( i lost a nearly stone). This was easy as he had emailed us all easy to follow training tips and diet sheets.

Fight night came and the atmosphere was electric. Everyone warms up together and whilst there are nerves in the air, everyone is supportive of each other. Making my ring walk was unbelievable. Id chosen my own tune to walk to the ring to and hearing my friends and family roaring for me was a feeling that cannot be replicated. I was buzzing and felt unstoppable. My opponent had a lot more support than me but it made no difference to my confidence, id trained long and hard and was excited to show everyone what i had learnt. I felt as though i could have taken out Mike Tyson at this point!!!!

Fortunately i won my bout but it wasn’t really about winning to me. It was about giving it my all and doing something that has been a lifelong dream of mine. I since watched the fight about 2000 times just to check i won though

I will definitely be boxing again on Scott’s future shows. Its addictive an i’ve made great friends throughout the training sessions.

Billy Chalk Head of operations - Financial Services

I’ve wanted to box for years but never did anything about it, to be honest I was intimidated by the thought of walking into a club and being the new boy in class. So, earlier this year I started circuit training with a few friends at a local boxing club. In my first session I puked, but over the following weeks my fitness improved but there wasn’t much in the way of technique coaching and I wanted to learn how to box. After extensive research I decided that WCBL was the place for me – the testimonials and blogs from the boxers convinced me this was the place to go. A few emails with Scott and I was itching to get started.

My fears now gone I walked into my first session at Knights and was greeted by Scott and introduced to the gang. Over the coming weeks I found myself greeting other newcomers and helping them settle in like the rest of the team had done for me. Training was tough, but nobody was made to feel like a failure if they didn’t keep up with the group. The emphasis is on your own personal improvement and there’s a real sense of team spirit with everyone encouraging and pushing each other to reach new limits. In the past year I’ve gone from 14st down to 11st 12, and I’ve replaced my 36 waist jeans with 32’s….still haven’t achieved the 6 pack though, but that’s my next aim!

Fast forward to fight night and I won, with over 80 friends and family coming to cheer me along it was the biggest buzz of my life. But now I sit back and reflect the real achievement was making those first steps and completing the journey. It’s the most physically gruelling thing I’ve ever done, but Scott progresses you gradually and you don’t even realise how far you’ve come until you compare your results against the early days. But the real challenge is the mental one. Dedicating yourself 100%, training when you just want to slob on the sofa, resting even when it’s boring, eating the right things at the right time, not going out with your mates because there’s training tomorrow….it’s a real lifestyle change but the support from friends, family and your team mates inspires you to keep going.

I had always thought of boxing as an individual sport and in some ways it can be lonely, especially those weekends in when your mates are all down the pub. But at WCBL the team spirit is huge. Every single person is greeted with open arms, strangers encourage and help one another and the banter is non-stop. Sparring takes the intensity up a level, but you’ll often see two opponents sitting in a corner analysing their bout after they’ve just been laying into each other! We call ourselves the WCB Family, it’s a bit cheesy but there’s a genuine bond between us that comes from the respect of training and sparring together.

I can’t recommend Scott and his set-up at WCBL highly enough. If it’s something you’ve wanted to do then get yourself along to a few training sessions and I guarantee you will enjoy yourself.  It’s doesn’t matter if you’re male, female, out of shape or getting on a bit (I’m 33) – my only regret is that I didn’t start sooner.

Gilly Flaherty, Arsenal & England Ladies Footballer

When asked to write a short testimonial about my experience with White Collar Boxing I really struggled to find words to sum it all up. The only word which kept springing to my mind was LEDGE. For someone who has never put on a pair of boxing gloves in her life I don’t think I did too shabby! The 10 weeks of training with Scott was absolutely blinding and every session I crawled back to my car dripping with sweat. Scott knows exactly how to get the best out of everyone and he is a top coach and trainer. Training as a group you become a family, and you make friendships which deep down you know will be there for life! Everyone accepts everybody for who they are and listening to peoples stories on why they are taking part can be emotional. The buzz i got on the night is un-explainable, my adrenaline was pumping from the moment I saw the ring! The whole process before I got into the ring – getting the kit on, warming up, and walking in to my entrance song was all part and parcel of being a ‘boxer’ for 6 minutes. I will never ever forget my experience with White Collar Boxing London… And I hope one day I get the courage to go into the ring once again!

Naila Kiani - Project Manager

I found out about WCBL from Google search and I was a bit nervous about the whole experience before contacting the team. Scott and the team made me feel really welcomed. I have been to a few boxing gyms in London and Midlands and WBCL definitely stands out amongst all due to the quality of training.

Training was well structured and I was also given diet and fitness advise. I had several sparring opportunities to build my confidence up. My fitness improved immensely during the training period. All the boxers helped each other and I met some great people and I am still in touch with some of them.

The atmosphere at the fight night was great and it really added to an unforgettable experience. My opponent and I had no intentions to kill each other but we were keen to get points through technique. Our fight was a draw but the most important thing is that at the end of the fight we hugged each other and were friends again.

I definitely recommend WCBL to everyone interested in experiencing this buzz!!!

Scott Lavell - Sky Sports SoccerAM

I began my White Collar Boxing London experience with no knowledge and was one of the least likely of my social group to participate but Scott creates an incredible atmosphere that makes it easy to fit in whatever your level. Boxing is by far the most intense and beneficial fitness I’ve done. The passion and effort from Scott is infectious, making the training sessions so enjoyable. The family environment of WCBL helps spur yourself on to push yourself that little bit further. I have some great friends from the experience. You will find the buzz of fight night hard to beat and you’ll notice both physical and psychological changes in yourself. It has brought out a new confidence which has benefited me hugely and I have been able to take into my professional life. I cannot recommend the experience high enough.

Daniel Jenkins - Corporate Account Manager

I took part in White Collar Boxing for a number if reasons. When my dad was at school boxed for the county, and passed on his passion to me by getting me up at all hours to watch big fights. But I was always into football, and the thought of getting punched in the face didn’t really grab me, although it was always at the back of my mind to try. A friend of mine who took part in a show told me about the set up, and I decided to get in touch and see if I could do it.

Going to a boxing gym for the first time was hugely daunting, but Scott and the rest of the White Collar Boxing London Family are so friendly and welcoming that you forget the nerves within 5 mins, and start to become part of something you won’t believe. I’ve had one fight now, and have the taste for more, and it’s thanks to White Collar Boxing London. I’m recommending to everyone I speak to, even if you don’t want to “fight” you’ll get the best workout you’ve ever had.

Suzi Lewis

Taking part in White Collar Boxing London’s fight night was amazing! Knowing I was finally stepping into the ring after putting in months of training, sweat & tears – total adrenaline rush. The gritty loft venue added to the buzzing atmosphere, everyone was on a real high. As the only female bout on the bill, I’m super proud of my (& my opponents) performance.

Chris Long - Building Manager

When I agreed to enter the White Collar Boxing London show I was a wee bit nervous but as soon as I went to their gym I was made welcome by Scott and his team and also by the other fellow participants within 30 mins encouragement and tips were being passed to me by my new friends. The training was very hard but as the weeks passed I got fitter and stronger with the advice of Scott & co i was enjoying it more and more as learnt how to throw and defend punches then maybe I may survive with my teeth ( I did )

Come fight night the buzz was great the atmosphere was also great , the team calmed every fighter down, warmed them up for the task and gave us all self belief. I would definitely go through it all again and recommend it to anyone literally anyone to use Scott and his team what ever shape size or sex they’ll get you there… Oh yeah and I won!

James Barrett Director - 35 Sports Marketing

After watching a friend at a previous show I decided to give it a go, It was a way of setting myself a challenge to get back fit. The other ‘fighters’ and Scott were all first class and there was a positive attitude in both training and on the fight night. I would recommend this journey to anyone looking for a challenge and I haven’t hung up my gloves quite yet!

Mike Wong - Corporate Manager - RBS Group

After experiencing an intense rush from a White Collar Boxing show earlier in the year, I was keen to find another bout for my next adrenaline fix. I found WCBL through Google and was impressed with the hardcore training regime, diet and advice that Scott gives to all his fighters. On fight night the venue was well presented, the show was well organised and the atmosphere was electric. Most importantly for me, the matches between competitors were well made and all contenders were fighting someone at the same skill level as themselves. I would recommend WCBL to anyone and everyone looking to get fit, build confidence and make new friends.

Jimmy Haughney - The Peoples Postman

I’ve had the privilege to fight on a few of WCBL shows, it’s a place that once you go there you’ll want more and more, the training is intense very enjoyable and no stone goes unturned to get you into shape ready for the best experience of your life that is fight night, the stable mates in the gym are amazing people who do there bit in their own way to help you through your paces making you feel welcome and definitely part of the WCBL family.

Lee Klinger The Man Of Mystery

I loved every minute  of my first training camp with white collar boxing London. Every session with Scott we were pushed to the max but always applying technique advise such as defence, footwork, movement and punch technique. Nothing better than getting fit and learning. I’ve now started my second camp and will push myself twice as hard so i can give it all on the night and entertain the crowd.

Ray Mouzan - Entrepreneur

Can I just say WOW totally hooked to WCBL after 1 show I first met Scott and spoke to him over the phone, hearing about it online through a client, It looked and sounded interesting..

From the minute I met him, training commenced, and the build up to the fight was Exhilarating, Unbelievable, without a shadow of a doubt, he knows how to organise a ”PROPER” boxing show and I do not care what anyone says opinions do matter and especially mine as I have been to loads of shows.

Cant be a crawler but I can be truthful if you want to have the real boxer feel, fit the training and the schedules around your busy lifestyle like mine, I do 8-10 hours of PT most days and because of the system Scott has, the elite structure and (24/7) support he gives you can’t not sign up and take part!

Get involved! (I am fighting from now until I cant do it ever again!)

It is that addictive I have had 4 of my own clients that have definitely confirmed they want to sign up and take on the 10 week challenge Massive thanks to Scott B and the WCBL organisation.

Rich White - Senior Intelligence officer

I had always liked the idea of boxing, but having never boxed growing up I found the idea of joining a boxing club pretty intimidating, plus clubs tend to be few and far between. I did some research on the idea of White Collar Boxing and found that WCBL seemed by far the most professional and, more importantly for myself, welcoming. I changed my mind about a dozen times on the walk to the gym that first time, but was welcomed with open arms. There really is nothing like the hustle and camaraderie of a boxing gym and I felt at home immediately. Everybody is nervous the first time they attempt boxing and if you have never boxed before you will never feel clumsier than when trying to make apparently simple footwork moves while worrying about your head, your hips and your guard!

The training is first rate and you really feel that the coaches want to see you improve. In the week up to my fight I was hearing Mide shouting ‘Hips, hips, hips’ constantly. In terms of fitness and confidence, the whole experience is one of the best things I have ever done. Boxing isn’t easy, but the benefits are clear. I lost a lot of weight and feel like I can push even further forward with the training now.

Fast forward to fight night and you will find people desperate to get tickets from you – the atmosphere is electric. Some people say walking into the ring is the best feeling ever – for me walking out of the ring with a trophy was the highlight. The knowledge that you have trained hard and put on a good show is brilliant. I will be back to do it again!

Beau Brunyee - Supervisor

I have always been interested in boxing and the boxing training. I heard about WCB and decided to look into a bit more. When I came across Whitecollerboxinglondon I knew it was the right one for me. Everything about it was very professional. When arriving at the training I was made to feel very welcome and just part of the team. Training every week was hard but so worth it. I am fitter now than I have ever been. Every one supports each other Scott and the others are always there to help, if you have any questions you just feel like you can speak to them. There is no embarrassment, they are all very approachable just one of your own. On the evening of the fight everything was very professional, the build up, the commentary, the crowd. The atmosphere was buzzing. There was no rowdy atmosphere, no tension, everyone supports everyone.  They way the whole evening was laid on was just very well prepared and thought through. My friends and family were very surprised at what a great evening it was and how professional everything was. It was just the best experience. I am already considering doing another show.  If you are considering I would definitely recommend you won’t be disappointed.

Anthony Muller - Publishing Project Manager

Doing the WCBL course was one of the craziest things I’ve done, but also one of the best. When I signed up, my friends couldn’t believe it as I’m hardly a bruiser – in fact, before I stepped in the ring, my last fight was probably about age seven! Despite my complete lack of experience and nervousness, Scott and his team made the training sessions really welcoming. Within ten weeks, my technique improved dramatically thanks to the help of the trainers.  Even if you don’t want to fight, it’s excellent for fitness – I’m now in the best shape of my life. However, if you do decide to fight, the adrenaline rush is unlike anything I’ve experienced, it’s something you’ll never forget, and Scott really knows how to put on a show!

Laurence Mills - Trainee Lawyer

I signed up for WCBL looking for a new challenge.  I got that, and more.  From first emailing Scott to say that I wanted to join to fight night the whole process was well managed and enjoyable.  The training camp was intense, but there is a genuinely friendly atmosphere (I’m going for a beer with my opponent next week) and you see immediate improvements in your fitness.

Fight night itself is a huge amount of fun.  I was surprised by how many of my friends wanted to come down.  It’s impossible to replicate the feeling just before you step into the ring and the thrill is addictive.

WCBL revolutionised my approach to sport, competition and mental preparation.  I made a great set of friends and am carrying on boxing.  I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

Challenging, demanding and exceptionally rewarding …

I have always loved boxing and admired the apparent phenomenal courage it appeared to take to get into a ring and trade with someone intent on hurting you; such is the nature of the sport. I had a long- held ambition that I would one day step into the ring myself to see if I had what it took but for years found many a convenient excuse to avoid taking up the challenge and making that goal a reality.

I did pads for fitness for a couple of years punctuated by the occasional sporadic sparring sessions at a local amateur club I joined for a few months until it sadly wound down but other than that I was a complete novice.

I decided that time was ticking at 35 years old and with a baby on the way it was time to look into getting in the ring for a bout sooner rather than later if I was ever going to do it.     Given my age and relative lack of experience “White Collar” seemed the logical route.  I was initially dubious about white collar or “charity” events because having watched many such events of varying quality on YouTube and speaking to friends and family familiar with insight into the boxing world it raised concerns about things like safety,  standard of the boxing and the general experience as a whole. It appeared to me that for many outfits making a quick quid appeared priority at the detriment of everything else.

I stumbled across “White Collar Boxing London’s” (WCBL) website and was impressed as it stood out in terms of its professionalism. I watched a few videos on the site; looked through the photo gallery and read the many glowing testimonials which all cast aside my initial concerns and I decided that it was the one for me.

With the expectation of fighting in March/ April time I got in touch with Scott (the owner of WCBL) through the website in January 2014 to enquire about what was involved and was surprised to learn that the March shows were fully booked such was its popularity;  the next available events being their June 2015 shows.    From the off Scott was extremely helpful in answering all my numerous queries before I had even met him and suggested that whilst the March shows were full that I head down to the Tuesday night open class training sessions to get a feel for it which I promptly did.


It can often be daunting joining a new club for the first time but from the minute I went down to the gym for the initial training session and on every subsequent occasion you are just made to feel welcome and part of it.  I’ve been going since January and never noticed any cliques or exclusivity and Scott and Mide (a WCBL coach and Scott’s sidekick) are great in getting everyone involved in the chat as well as the hard work.

At the start of the year at 6’1” tall I was not far under 16 and a half stone. As a result of training at WCBL between the end of Jan and my fight in June I dropped almost 2.5 stone and at 35 years old was physically in better shape than I ever had been stepping in the ring at around 13 stone 13lbs. During the weeks of training you are building and developing muscle all the time which obviously adds weight and therefore it is testament to how much actual fat you can lose in the programme. Whilst the scales are only one indicator of fat loss the positive comments I was getting from friends and colleagues, particularly ones I hadn’t seen for a while, about how much trimmer I was looking as the weeks progressed was a good little ego boost and served to keep me on track with sticking to the diet and keeping stuck into to the training.


I consciously stopped trying to lose any further weight in the weeks leading up to my fight having been matched up with an opponent around my weight but had I chosen to do so I would have been able to lose even more such was the effectiveness of the training programme and the dietary habits recommended by WCBL.    It was a sensible and safe method of progressively losing fat whilst eating well which has ultimately meant that I have been able to maintain my weight since the fight.  It has also demonstrated to me that I could in fact exercise the determination and discipline required to change my appearance, fitness and which was a great confidence booster and meaning that I expect to be able to sustain my healthier weight for years to come.

It is very much a case of “what you put in, you get out “in terms of the fitness work.  They recognise that everyone has different levels of fitness and ability and you are pushed to your individual limits and encouraged to give your best whatever that may be.  Even though you may end up matched up on a show against a person you are training alongside you still all encourage and push each other during the sessions and you develop a real sense of camaraderie with your fellow contenders as you are all going through the same experience together.

As a regular gym goer and occasional runner I thought I had a reasonable level of fitness.  The first few sessions opened my eyes that this was not the case.  In the knowledge that I would be stepping into the ring in front of friends and family in a small matter of months provided me with a colossal motivation that I’d never previously possessed when “training” myself.

Crucially it also kept me eating clean for a good couple of months prior to the fight.  Having a degree in Sport and Health and from going to the gym for years I always had a good knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating but I always lacked the discipline to stick to it.  As maintaining a disciplined diet had always been something I struggled with the knowledge that I would be putting my body and perhaps more significantly, my pride, on the line in the ring afforded me that motivation to stick to healthy eating for the 2 months leading up to the bout. I found this really beneficial having previously resigned myself to never losing the remnants of love handles which I just put down to age rather than the pint-loads of Ben & Jerry’s and abundant “cheat meals”.

What the team at WCBL are excellent at is taking people out of their comfort zones and pushing their boundaries but at the same time they never put untoward pressure on people to do things they don’t want to do.  An example of this being before every sparring session everyone is always asked if they want to spar or not and those who don’t are given alternate training such as bag work to keep them engaged.  Not everyone who attends the classes/ training is there to fight or even spar and are just there to get fit so this approach is really appreciated and means that no one feels left out or less involved.

I also noticed that the same level of attention is given to all participants in the classes whether they are just there for training as opposed to gearing up for a fight and this keeps everyone engaged and explains why the same faces come back to train there regularly even if they haven’t fought for a year, have no intention to again or have never ever done so.

Whilst significant focus is placed upon getting fitness to a requisite fighting level huge emphasis is also placed upon improving technique.  Many contenders have never even put on a pair of gloves prior to walking into WCBL and a lot of effort is put into teaching everyone the fundamentals of the sport.  The team take pride in drilling the basics of footwork, defence, movement and punching technique and constantly pull you up if you get sloppy in terms of dropping your guard, smothering your punches, crossing your feet etc. and also take the necessary time with individuals to ensure that everyone is developing their skills with each session.

Even the fitness element of the training is boxing- centric so even just attending the Tuesday night classes improves your boxing ability even if you decide the fighting/ competing element isn’t for you.

Complex combinations, tactics and other technical aspects are also taught which keeps it interesting for more experienced participants and whether you are a complete novice or training for your 5th bout you are constantly being challenged and as a result always learning and improving.  You really come to appreciate what a technical and intelligent sport boxing is and understand the discipline and dedication required to succeed as opposed to perhaps the commonly held misconception of it being merely two lumps banging seven bells out of each other for a number of rounds.

There is often apprehension about mismatches being a predominant feature of boxing at this level. A key feature of WCBL’s ongoing success is the quality and fairness of the match ups.  Contenders are allocated opponents based on weight, experience, ability and age.  Even once the matchups have been made your progress is constantly monitored in training and sparring and they aren’t afraid to rearrange initial match ups should they feel it wouldn’t be a fair fight.

There is no chance that you would be having your first fight against someone who on paper merely works in a Bank with no apparent experience  but has failed to declare that they were state Golden Gloves champion for 3 years in a row back in New York.

Safety is paramount at WCBL with head guards, gum shields and 16oz gloves being mandatory on both fight night and in sparring and training and the fights themselves are conducted in a very controlled environment. Training places great emphasis on teaching you how to defend and move and, essentially box, as opposed to merely windmilling your way through 3 rounds.

Fight night itself is where it all comes together and it is evident of all the hard work that Scott and his team put in to ensuring that every contender and their supporters has a fantastic night.  The venue, the ring, the kit, the music, quality of the mcs and referees all make it a fantastic environment and on a par in terms of atmosphere and enjoyment to that of many pro boxing shows I’ve been to over the years.

I lost my fight in a close bout against a great opponent and although initially disappointed with myself that I didn’t do enough to win I am enormously proud of doing it and it was one of the best experiences of my life.  I walked away after the fight fitter than ever and with an enormous sense of achievement and self- respect knowing that I had stepped up and had the guts to do what I’d so admired when watching boxing on the TV for years and something that 99% of people will never do.  It wasn’t just the 3 rounds on fight night but the discipline and dedication in the preceding months leading up to it that made it such a rewarding and satisfying experience.


This means that the bouts on fight night are not only entertaining for the crowd but also challenging and rewarding for the competitors without being too one- sided which in boxing is often a difficult thing to achieve.

When I had initially declared that I would be stepping into the ring friends, family and colleagues looked at me with a mixture of admiration and bemusement.  There was also the odd naysayer telling me “You’ll never do it” which just served to drive me on.  As people saw how committed I was to my training and diet I received a lot of positive comments and lots of requests for tickets for the actual fight and I was rewarded by great support on the night and many subsequent congratulations .

I have come away from the experience with a number of really good mates, including my opponent.  It is a extraordinary but thoroughly rewarding experience sharing a pint with a bloke you now consider a mate a week after you’ve been boxing each other in front of 1,000 cheering people.

My only regret about the experience is that I didn’t get involved sooner.  I promised myself I would only have one fight as a one- off experience and although I will probably stick to that the buzz I got from it along with the whole experience of the training, discipline and dedication means that vow is not set in stone and more of a “never say never” attitude is held rather than the “never again” I may have expected at the outset.This is a text block. Click the edit button to change this text.

There were times on the early Saturday mornings as I sat on the bus travelling up the Old Kent Road for training where I wondered what I was doing but since I’ve stopped I really miss it and feel a twinge of envy when I see the Facebook page and the new set of contenders preparing for the next shows.   I am looking forward to getting back on the odd Tuesday for the training sessions to stay a part of it and ensure I don’t lose too much of the fitness I worked so hard to achieve.


A special thank you goes out to Scott, Mide and all of those involved in WCBL for putting on such a great training programme rounded off by the epic shows.   WCBL also does great work with all of the charity and fundraising they do for little Joni which is amazing and really makes you feel proud to contribute to such a great cause.


It is Scott’s business but it goes beyond that. The passion, enthusiasm and pride he demonstrates are major factors in what makes WCBL so distinct.  Little touches from the t-shirts, fight dvds and trophies to the daily updated Facebook group page really make you feel part of something special.

I would strongly recommend WCBL to anyone looking for a challenge whether that is learning boxing and transforming your fitness through the superb classes, or going the whole hog and stepping into the ring for an exhilarating 6 minutes that you will always be proud of.


Adam Marlow, accountant at PwC

When I first started training down there I used to hear the phrase “WCBL family” being bandied about. Being cynical I initially thought it was a cheesy buzzword with no real substance.  However having gone through the experience for all those weeks it sums it up perfectly.   From commencing training with a group of random strangers from all walks of life, to weeks of hitting each other for untold rounds in sparring and sweating and often bleeding our way through training side by side culminating in the fight, strong bonds were forged and mutual respect is held by everyone.  And after it all I can happily say that I am extremely proud to be a part of the ever- growing WCBL family.


James Milligan - Test Analyst, 32

“I have Always admired anyone who stepped into the boxing ring and I have always enjoyed the sport. Through a friend I got in contact with the team at collar boxing. I was put through a 10 week fitness regime to teach me boxing skills, improve fitness and have fun along the way. I can honestly say I had the time of my life! My fitness levels were the best I ever had and stepping into the ring was an unforgettable experience that I would recommend to anyone! Roll on December so I can do it again! Special thanks to the WCBL team for making this happen.”



If you are thinking about signing up for a White Collar fight stop thinking and go for it.. You won’t regret weeks of brutal training, the massive adrenaline rush and sense of achievement of proving yourself in some fundamental way in front of your family, friends and work mates. Am certainly his oldest female contender at 48 with grown up children, dodgy knees and zero sparring experience but Scott has pulled off a miracle and managed to get me fight ready in 10 short weeks. If I can do it anyone can!’


Steve Edwards

After completing my 10 week training camp and winning my first fight I feel absolutely brilliant. The whole experience has been something I will never forget and I feel like there is a void now that it is all over. Scott and Mide are great at a making you feel welcome from the outset and are always fun and approachable.

Make no mistake this is the real deal and something I would recommend to anyone who wants to challenge themselves and the buzz is incredible.

I will be back for more!



“Discipline and perseverance; speed and strength; focus and confidence – these are only a handful of the qualities we can aspire to hone over a lifetime and White Collar Boxing London provides anyone willing to put the time, work and effort in a chance to do just that. An unforgettable experience that will challenge your limits – I strongly recommend it!”

Graham Upton - Director

I can’t express enough how much the WCBL experience has impacted my lifestyle. Initially a bit of a shock to the system but Scott and his team where there every step of the way offering support, encouragement and sound advise. After getting over the first two weeks of aches and pains the classes became really enjoyable and I really looked forward to every Tuesday evening and Saturday morning in the gym. I started out weighing 96kg’s, over weight, sluggish and really hadn’t much of a clue about how to box. At the end of the 10 weeks training camp I felt confident in the skills I had learned and practiced and lost easily 5kg’s. I am now a lot fitter, healthier and stronger weighing in at 89kg’s. The great thing is that I’ve carried on with my training albeit at a gym closer to home. Another awesome thing is the friendships that you make along the way. Nothing more character building than spending that much time with a group of people from all walks of life who are all there to make you better, fitter, stronger and you’re there to do the same.
I lost my fight but in all honesty it was entirely my own fault for not training more on the off days and full respect to my opponent who was better prepared than me. Having said that; 10 weeks training for 6 minutes in the ring, win or lose, is probably the best thing you’ll do in your life. Wish I had the motivation to start boxing training when I was in my teens or 20’s!!!!