Charlie Parry

I heard about White Collar Boxing London through a couple of colleagues from work who had taken part in a couple of the shows and they couldnít speak highly enough about the event. With this feeling of machoism rubbing off on me, I agreed in a mildly hungover state to take part in the event, which when sobriety kicked in later in the morning seemed like a relatively bold decision. However, it turned out to be one of the best decisions that Iíve made in a long time! In the 10 week programme running up to fight night, youíre fully briefed on what is expected of you, the fight night itself, and all of the training and nutritional advice which will help you supplement the training. The training itself was one of the most enjoyable (aside from the Bleep test, and monkey squats!) things Iíve taken part in. circuit training, sprints, technique and sparring sessions, soon had me feeling like I was borrowing someone elseís lungs and could take on (unsuccessfully) Floyd Mayweather Jr, and it was a pretty pleasant feeling. Gone were the days of wheezing up tube escalators, and shivering at the thought of the treadmill. Knowing that youíll be stood across the ring from a complete stranger in 10 weeks, with all of your friends cheering/jeering you on, is a real motivator, and one of the things which I enjoyed so much over the course of the 10 weeks. It gives you a real focus to the training, and really does take your training up a level. It even makes you question those midweek takeaways! Fight night itself was one of the best experiences Iíve ever had. The preparation, warm ups and watching the fights before are just the start. Hearing your own ring music, and walking out to a packed out room of 600 people cheering is a feeling which is difficult to describe. With 80 friends cheering you on like madmen, it makes the 3 rounds pass by in a blur. Punches donít hurt, and lactic acid is that little bit less painful, but the feeling of embracing your opponent at the end of 3 hard rounds and seeing your friends cheering and chanting out your name is just an incredible feeling. Itís not about the winning or losing (though I won so I can feel smug in saying this), but completely about the experience, and itís one that I could not recommend highly enough. Scott and the WCBL team run a great show, and build a real family spirit in the run up to the fight, which only adds to the occasion. No fighting experience is needed, just a willingness to get beasted, learn at training and most of all enjoy the experience. I loved every second of it, and would highly recommend it to absolutely anybody.

Phil Apaya, IT Trainer

As a massive fan of boxing since i was about 10 years old i always wondered if i could do it myself. Id often day dream about stepping through the ropes in front of a raring crowd and giving it my all. I couldnít quite find the nerve to do it and would dismiss the idea thinking i was too old. I joined a local boxing club to get a feel for it,and i start training simply to get fit and learn a little technique. I began to train more and more my confidence began to increase. I then started researching white collar boxing events, and watching white collar fights online. I emailed several organisations and Scott Borthwick immediately gave me the most detailed answers to my questions. I watched his shows online and researched further and it was obvious his events stood out from the rest. I decided to give it a go. ? I entered the gym for the first time really nervous. Was everyone else accomplished skillful fighters? Were they all going to be intimidating big and scary heavyweights? i neednít have worried , immediately Scott calmed us all down and put us on a very well structured program that started from the basics and slowly progressed each week. After the very first session all my fears were gone. I was going to enjoy the journey. ? After closely being observed over the weeks i was then matched up with an opponent!!!. The nerves kicked in again and i began to doubt myself. Its suddenly became ìrealî. Telling friends and family i was fighting made me proud and petrified all at the same time. I followed Scottís training regime very closely and all his dietary advice (I lost a nearly stone). This was easy as he had emailed us all easy to follow training tips and diet sheets. ? Fight night came and the atmosphere was electric. Everyone warms up together and whilst there are nerves in the air, everyone is supportive of each other. Making my ring walk was unbelievable. Id chosen my own tune to walk to the ring to and hearing my friends and family roaring for me was a feeling that cannot be replicated. I was buzzing and felt unstoppable. My opponent had a lot more support than me but it made no difference to my confidence, id trained long and hard and was excited to show everyone what i had learnt. I felt as though i could have taken out Mike Tyson at this point!!!! ? Fortunately i won my bout but it wasnít really about winning to me. It was about giving it my all and doing something that has been a lifelong dream of mine. I since watched the fight about 2000 times just to check i won though. ? I will definitely be boxing again on Scottís future shows. Its addictive an Iíve made great friends throughout the training sessions.

Billy Chalk, Financial Services

Iíve wanted to box for years but never did anything about it, to be honest I was intimidated by the thought of walking into a club and being the new boy in class. So, earlier this year I started circuit training with a few friends at a local boxing club. In my first session I puked, but over the following weeks my fitness improved but there wasnít much in the way of technique coaching and I wanted to learn how to box. After extensive research I decided that WCBL was the place for me ñ the testimonials and blogs from the boxers convinced me this was the place to go. A few emails with Scott and I was itching to get started. ? My fears now gone I walked into my first session at Knights and was greeted by Scott and introduced to the gang. Over the coming weeks I found myself greeting other newcomers and helping them settle in like the rest of the team had done for me. Training was tough, but nobody was made to feel like a failure if they didnít keep up with the group. The emphasis is on your own personal improvement and thereís a real sense of team spirit with everyone encouraging and pushing each other to reach new limits. In the past year Iíve gone from 14st down to 11st 12, and Iíve replaced my 36 waist jeans with 32ísÖ.still havenít achieved the 6 pack though, but thatís my next aim! ? Fast forward to fight night and I won, with over 80 friends and family coming to cheer me along it was the biggest buzz of my life. But now I sit back and reflect the real achievement was making those first steps and completing the journey. Itís the most physically gruelling thing Iíve ever done, but Scott progresses you gradually and you donít even realise how far youíve come until you compare your results against the early days. But the real challenge is the mental one. Dedicating yourself 100%, training when you just want to slob on the sofa, resting even when itís boring, eating the right things at the right time, not going out with your mates because thereís training tomorrowÖ.itís a real lifestyle change but the support from friends, family and your team mates inspires you to keep going. ? I had always thought of boxing as an individual sport and in some ways it can be lonely, especially those weekends in when your mates are all down the pub. But at WCBL the team spirit is huge. Every single person is greeted with open arms, strangers encourage and help one another and the banter is non-stop. Sparring takes the intensity up a level, but youíll often see two opponents sitting in a corner analysing their bout after theyíve just been laying into each other! We call ourselves the WCB Family, itís a bit cheesy but thereís a genuine bond between us that comes from the respect of training and sparring together. ? I canít recommend Scott and his set-up at WCBL highly enough. If itís something youíve wanted to do then get yourself along to a few training sessions and I guarantee you will enjoy yourself. Itís doesnít matter if youíre male, female, out of shape or getting on a bit (Iím 33) ñ my only regret is that I didnít start sooner.

Gilly Flaherty, Arsenal & England Ladies Footballer

When asked to write a short testimonial about my experience with White Collar Boxing I really struggled to find words to sum it all up. The only word which kept springing to my mind was LEDGE. For someone who has never put on a pair of boxing gloves in her life I donít think I did too shabby! The 10 weeks of training with Scott was absolutely blinding and every session I crawled back to my car dripping with sweat. Scott knows exactly how to get the best out of everyone and he is a top coach and trainer. Training as a group you become a family, and you make friendships which deep down you know will be there for life! Everyone accepts everybody for who they are and listening to peoples stories on why they are taking part can be emotional. The buzz i got on the night is un-explainable, my adrenaline was pumping from the moment I saw the ring! The whole process before I got into the ring ñ getting the kit on, warming up, and walking in to my entrance song was all part and parcel of being a ëboxerí for 6 minutes. I will never ever forget my experience with White Collar Boxing LondonÖ And I hope one day I get the courage to go into the ring once again!

Naila Kiani, Project Manager

I found out about WCBL from Google search and I was a bit nervous about the whole experience before contacting the team. Scott and the team made me feel really welcomed. I have been to a few boxing gyms in London and Midlands and WBCL definitely stands out amongst all due to the quality of training. Training was well structured and I was also given diet and fitness advise. I had several sparring opportunities to build my confidence up. My fitness improved immensely during the training period. All the boxers helped each other and I met some great people and I am still in touch with some of them. The atmosphere at the fight night was great and it really added to an unforgettable experience. My opponent and I had no intentions to kill each other but we were keen to get points through technique. Our fight was a draw but the most important thing is that at the end of the fight we hugged each other and were friends again. I definitely recommend WCBL to everyone interested in experiencing this buzz!!!

Scott Lavell – Sky Sports SoccerAM

I began my White Collar Boxing London experience with no knowledge and was one of the least likely of my social group to participate but Scott creates an incredible atmosphere that makes it easy to fit in whatever your level. Boxing is by far the most intense and beneficial fitness Iíve done. The passion and effort from Scott is infectious, making the training sessions so enjoyable. The family environment of WCBL helps spur yourself on to push yourself that little bit further. I have some great friends from the experience. You will find the buzz of fight night hard to beat and youíll notice both physical and psychological changes in yourself. It has brought out a new confidence which has benefited me hugely and I have been able to take into my professional life. I cannot recommend the experience high enough.

Daniel Jenkins – Corporate Account Manager

I took part in White Collar Boxing for a number if reasons. When my dad was at school boxed for the county, and passed on his passion to me by getting me up at all hours to watch big fights. But I was always into football, and the thought of getting punched in the face didnít really grab me, although it was always at the back of my mind to try. A friend of mine who took part in a show told me about the set up, and I decided to get in touch and see if I could do it. Going to a boxing gym for the first time was hugely daunting, but Scott and the rest of the White Collar Boxing London Family are so friendly and welcoming that you forget the nerves within 5 mins, and start to become part of something you wonít believe. Iíve had one fight now, and have the taste for more, and itís thanks to White Collar Boxing London. Iím recommending to everyone I speak to, even if you donít want to ìfightî youíll get the best workout youíve ever had.

Chris Long, Building Manager

When I agreed to enter the White Collar Boxing London show I was a wee bit nervous but as soon as I went to their gym I was made welcome by Scott and his team and also by the other fellow participants within 30 mins encouragement and tips were being passed to me by my new friends. The training was very hard but as the weeks passed I got fitter and stronger with the advice of Scott & co i was enjoying it more and more as learnt how to throw and defend punches then maybe I may survive with my teeth ( I did ) Come fight night the buzz was great the atmosphere was also great , the team calmed every fighter down, warmed them up for the task and gave us all self belief. I would definitely go through it all again and recommend it to anyone literally anyone to use Scott and his team what ever shape size or sex theyíll get you thereÖ Oh yeah and I won!

James Barrett, Director – 35 Sports Marketing

After watching a friend at a previous show I decided to give it a go, It was a way of setting myself a challenge to get back fit. The other ëfightersí and Scott were all first class and there was a positive attitude in both training and on the fight night. I would recommend this journey to anyone looking for a challenge and I havenít hung up my gloves quite yet!

Mike Wong – Corporate Manager – RBS Group

After experiencing an intense rush from a White Collar Boxing show earlier in the year, I was keen to find another bout for my next adrenaline fix. I found WCBL through Google and was impressed with the hardcore training regime, diet and advice that Scott gives to all his fighters. On fight night the venue was well presented, the show was well organised and the atmosphere was electric. Most importantly for me, the matches between competitors were well made and all contenders were fighting someone at the same skill level as themselves. I would recommend WCBL to anyone and everyone looking to get fit, build confidence and make new friends.