Each Contender will be matched by weight and experience. You may be asked to have a trial session with our coaches so that we know exactly what level you are to ensure you are matched accordingly. Once our Contenders are picked and matched, each contender will be given a FREE TRAINING session every Saturday morning leading up to fight night.

We train at an awesome location with some great space and an excellent vibe. All participants will also be given a training plan so that you can stay on track with your training if you are unable make a session. You will also be given a Dietary advice sheet as well as constant contact with coaches should you have any questions or queries regarding training.

Your training will constantly be monitored and will include Technique, Footwork Drills, Skipping, Sparring, Plyometric training, Sprint Training, Fight Conditioning and so much more.

You will train like a professional boxer and should be able to fight like one by the end of your training. Should you want to buy any boxing equipment of your own, we have a wide range of contacts that can offer you fantastic discounts.