FAQs - White Collar Boxing London


Commitment to the 10 week training camp. Commitment to fundraise for a charity of your choosing.

You will be trained like a professional boxer. Taught from the very basics right up to fight prep sparring. Our training sessions cater for all levels. 90% of those that join us are first timers.

On Saturdays we train as a squad. We also train on Tuesday and Thursday evenings – The mid week sessions are paid sessions.

Knights Gym, 185 Old Kent Road, London, Se1 5na

It’s a famous, gritty, spit and sawdust dust gym that has produced many champions.

We run training camps throughout the year. Please contact us for the next start date.

There is no joining fee however you must sell the minimum amount of tickets – The tickets sales cover the production of the show and the training camp.

You can train away from us but to ensure we match every fighter correctly and they are at the level we require them to be at to compete, they must come to us every other session (every other Saturday).

16oz gloves, gum-shield, hand wraps and boxing boots.

Sparring starts at week 4/5 of the 10 week training camp.